Friday, January 14, 2011

Towers wins awards in 2010

Towers Productions is a production company in Chicago, IL that has helped bring us shows like Gangland, High School Confidential, and American Justice.

Towers is a great production company in the city of Chicago that deals with a lot of documentary-based work. Year after year they win awards for their work and 2010 was no different.

From their website:
Silver Telly Award - Videography/Cinematography - Undercover: "Mark Whitacre: Operation Harvest King"
Silver Telly Award - Editing - "Undercover: Mark Whitacre: Operation Harvest King"
Bronze Telly Award - Documentary - "Inside the Iraq War"
Bronze Telly Award - Set Design - "Undercover: Heidi Landgraf: Operation Green Ice"
CINE Golden Eagle Award - "Inside the Iraq War" for The National Geographic Channel

If you weren't able to catch "Inside the Iraq War" on The National Geographic Channel, it was a very interesting documentary.

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