Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reel Time

Reels are important for any company, designer or editor. They showcase who you are as an artist in one 3-4 minute clip.

Protokulture's reel (from August 2010) is a great example of how to mesh work/projects together into one cohesive statement about your company. They used the song We Are Rockstars by Dawn of the Dead. I like this choice because its a fast, fun song and they match the pacing of the song with all their work very seamlessly.

I'm a fan of reels that are fast-paced with fast cuts and I think Protokulture executes this well here. A lot of times it can be hard to match up work from different clients and make it fit into another piece that doesn't stand alone. One advantage of Protokulture's reel is that a lot of work they do is advertising based so there are a lot of commercials cut up in there. But even that is done nicely when we see different company logo bumpers pop up on screen one after another.

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